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Otters Pool Studio Winter Update

Updated: May 29, 2020

From Otters Pool Studio

Otters Pool Studio Winter Update
Otters Pool Studio Winter Update

Here's our Winter update!

New Year, New Products

We are excited to bring several new ranges of frame mouldings to you at this new year start, including distressed coloured woods, blacks and golds, and whitewashed driftwood.  Follow us on social media to be the first to see them when they arrive. 

The B Word

Despite some instability in material supply and costs caused by the threat of Brexit, not a lot has actually changed now that it has officially happened.  Our suppliers have done their best to maintain agreements with the framing industry manufacturers and as a result have been able to limit their annual price increases which are generally announced at this time of year.  This means that we too will be keeping our pricing virtually unchanged this year and continue to strive to be as competitive as possible for the service we provide. 

Jon McRae Photography

Jon has completed his entry to the 2020 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and is offering an interesting opportunity to buy copies at his regular non-RA price.  Fore more details, read the blog on his website. 



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